How to payment Credit for Reseller account

IPTV Reseller system is based on Credits, so it’s not time-based and it will not expire. Usually, 1 credit means 1 USD, so in Reseller system credit means money. As I mentioned before starting fee is 200 USD so when we give resellers their account, they start with 210 Credits in it. As they create IPTV accounts, credits will be deducted from them. When it reaches 6 (price for a month account), they can’t create any accounts anymore. Of course, they can buy credits higher than 200 USD anytime they want.

With Reseller IPTV Panel, you can easily create the free account for your client testing. After their testing, you can extend the line for your client and start selling it. To extend your client line you must have credit on your reseller account. So “How do I pay for credit?” is that your question? In this post, I will guide you to buy credit. Before learn to know how to buy credit please make sure you already have reseller IPTV account with us. If you don’t have an account please read on to know how to become Besbuyiptv Reseller


Note: To buy credit from BEST BUY IPTV Subscription you don’t need to log in.

How to add credit for Reseller IPTV

You just need to enter your Reseller account name correctly, the payment button will appear, choose the amount you want to buy, you can pay with Paypal, Credit Card, Visa Card.

You must enter the correct Reseller IPTV account If False then the payment button will not appear, If you do not have an IPTV Reseller account, please contact us immediately.

If you have forgotten your password or are experiencing any problems please contact us.


If you have paid, Usually the Credit will add to Reseller IPTV Account immediately, but the account has not been confirmed. Please send me the screenshot of your payment and transaction ID.

You can pay for us with Paypal,Visa or MasterCard Credit Card.

Payment Credit

You are a reseller IPTV. You already test your panel and you really like it. Now you want to make your Reseller IPTV payment and start your own business but you don’t know how to buy credit?

It is very very easy.  We have the largest range of accepted payment options. You can pay for us with Paypal or Credit card.

Notice: Smallest bill for the reseller is 200 USD and as a reseller, You can keep credits unlimited time until when you sell all

1 Guide to buy credit for Reseller IPTV

  • 1.1 Step 1: Open up your internet browser to buy credit
  • 1.2 Step 2: Enter your username Reseller IPTV in Username (*) section:
  • 1.3 Step 3: Select Package Credit you want to buy.
  • 1.4 Step 4: Click on Paypal or Buy Now button to make your payment.